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    Video constitutes over a third of all Internet content nowadays. According to Socialbakers, posts containing video are 135% lots more people than standard posts with text and pictures. A new method of advertising is entering play, though. Let’s take particular notice advertising online.

    In all of the marketing specialists and small enterprises which may have used video, 74% have confirmed this instrument’s efficiency.

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau has says the money allocated to digital advertising (USD 72.5 billion) just exceeded television expenses (USD 71.3 billion) for the first time. With that said, the proportion of expenses on video content is growing exponentially.

    While pre-made videos are still within the limelight, their popularity will probably be surpassed by another hot trend: live video streaming. This is exactly what a consultant of GBKSOFT, a web- and mobile app developer company, has to say relating to this trend:

    Obviously that reside streaming is a new big bet for the advertising industry.

    Statistical advantages of choosing the live video streaming channel

    – 45% of the live streaming audience is preparing to spend on live content;

    – 56% in the users watch live streams to have the latest news;

    – 70% from the audience is ready to purchase concert or event attendance after watching it live;

    – Over 75% in the users already watch live video streams on Facebook;

    – The live Facebook stream of Sport of Thrones has garnered 3.5 million views as well as almost 200 000 comments.

    As outlined by analytics, this sector posseses an increased marketing potential than pre-produced videos.

    What to are the cause of:

    If you’re determined to create a live streaming app, the finish user is highly recommended to start with. Will your app connect just two users, or will it broadcast worldwide?

    User-to-user examples: Skype, Viber.

    User-to-audience examples: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope.

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