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    Every home, commercial building, or industrial facility with electrical service comes with an electrical cabinet. Industrial electrical cabinets are very different in multiple and significant aspects from those seen in your house.

    The nation’s Electric Code defines an advert electrical control cabinet just as one “enclosure or open cabinet containing 2 or more power circuit components, control circuit components, or possibly a mixture of both.”

    Most industrial electrical cabinets fall under a couple of basic categories:

    Power Circuits (provide capacity to grids, lighting, and/or specific equipment)

    Control Circuits (provide charge of electrically-operated equipment, for example motor-driven equipment)

    (Some circuits can serve both functions.)

    What is the basic operation of an industrial electrical cabinet?

    In general terms, industrial electrical cabinets receive power from a source of energy and distribute it to specific areas or equipment. Additionally, they play a crucial role in electrical safety, regulating power with built-in circuit breakers, fuses, and/or other oversight equipment. In case of a overload situation, the cabinets either mechanically, or through pre-programmed technology, pun intended, the overload from damaging equipment or producing a fire.

    While electrical cabinets are designed and engineered to stop the appearance of fires, they still will occur. Different from most traditional commercial and residential fires, the chance and complexity of commercial electrical cabinet fires requires special tactics and equipment. Fixed fire suppression systems are uniquely designed to utilize systems as an alternative to website visitors to extinguish industrial electrical cabinet fires.

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