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    Boskernovel Dragon King’s Son-In-Law txt – Chapter 597 top note reading-p2

    Novel– Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

    Chapter 597 helpless exciting

    The fantastic s.h.i.+eld slowly rotated on its own . Whenever it found Tiny White’s fireball, it immediately enable out a dash of wonderful light-weight .

    She proceeded to go straight back to the dining room table and noticed the chips that Zhao Yanzi still left for the dining room table . She hesitated for a couple of just a few seconds but quickly grabbed a group and caught them in her mouth area .

    “I didn’t actually eat them!” Duan Yao reacted as she puffed up her cheeks .

    “Buzz…” the gold s.h.i.+eld permit out three far more minimal s.h.i.+elds .

    Zhao Yanzi respected her because she was still very certain when she was resting!

    A boisterous and commanding tone of voice sounded from the outside the valley . It did not desire a sound transmission observe to become heard .

    Since Duan Yao was seized, she was still as fierce as being a tiger .

    Small Bright turned about and clawed against the wonderful s.h.i.+elds only to discover that they were illusions . It permit out furious roars and flew rapidly towards the fantastic s.h.i.+eld .

    “I didn’t consume them!” Duan Yao replied as she puffed up her cheeks .

    Even so, when she noticed that this cave was only linked to an elixir-helping to make holding chamber and was an enclosed space, she offered up .

    A single meter far from them, Duan Yao sat on the stone chair and looked at them take in . She didn’t feel right since she was famished .

    “I won’t consume your meal! I’ll remove you for sure!” Duan Yao stared at Zhao Yanzi fiercely .

    Bang! When Duan Yao was approximately to question, Zhao Yanzi success Duan Yao’s head just as before .

    “I won’t eat your meal! I’ll destroy you for sure!” Duan Yao stared at Zhao Yanzi fiercely .

    It turned out crispy! It was actually of excellent taste! It turned out a little salty and delicious!

    “I didn’t feed on them!” Duan Yao reacted as she puffed up her cheeks .

    She failed to into hurdles on the way . Who realized her initially challenge would be Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi .

    It discovered the glowing s.h.i.+eld hovering full off the atmosphere, so that it roared twice and spat out a fireball .

    Very little Whitened was. .h.i.t in the b.u.t.t because of the golden s.h.i.+eld some more occasions . Minor White-colored was aggravated and upset, as a result it transferred its great claws all around, piercing through a couple of tiny rounded s.h.i.+elds .

    They didn’t reach or humiliate her, nevertheless they were now having happily but didn’t give her everything . Seeing them try to eat whilst famished was a variety of torture…

    Duan Yao believed her emerald eco-friendly silk dress was one of her prettiest attire, but she now believed love it was quite normal after discovering Zhao Yanzi’s ensemble .

    Out of the blue, she saw… that the potato chips around the dining room table were all enjoyed!

    From her perception, Zhao Yanzi along with the other folks had been unusual . She believed that they were cultivators from Seventh Heaven .

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    Duan Yao matured in Sixth Heaven, so she acquired no clue in regards to the towns in Initial Heaven . She was trained to enhance diligently to impose for the Nascent Heart and soul World and get rid of all the that eliminated her from doing this .

    “Minor White colored can’t win…” Zhao Yanzi reported as she made close to .

    She and Duan Yao had been opponents, but this is something diffrent . Zhao Yanzi didn’t desire to mistreat Duan Yao, so she wanted to give Duan Yao a can of potato chips . Nonetheless, Duan Yao’s att.i.tude was such!

    Once the french fries entered her oral cavity, she couldn’t explain the flavors . She immediately filled her jaws with increased chips .

    “I won’t take in your meal! I’ll wipe out you for sure!” Duan Yao stared at Zhao Yanzi fiercely .

    Regardless if 1 was a dragon cultivator or maybe a human cultivator, attention was a bad thing for weaklings .

    Duan Yao frowned, and she looked at Zhao Yanzi angrily .

    It had been crispy! It absolutely was of wonderful flavor! It absolutely was a lttle bit salty and tasty!

    The wonderful lighting and fireball success and extinguished each other well .

    “Humph! Wait until my lavish uncle-master…”

    From her perception, Zhao Yanzi plus the other individuals were definitely strange . She suspected that they were cultivators from Seventh Paradise .

    She obtained never witnessed apparel like what Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi had been wearing . She thinking they appeared strange at the beginning, but she noticed like they looked quite pretty before long .